Saturday, June 10, 2017

News:: You've got character: The Hunchback

When it comes to competitive multiplayer games, we all have our favorite characters and classes. In this series, I'm putting some of mine under the microscope to see what makes them tick, how they fit into their games, and ultimately why I like them! Check out the previous entries - Kotal KahnReaper, Lex Luthor.

From the outside looking in, MechWarrior probably doesn’t seem like a game with a lot of character. There are no stoic karate men to cheer Air Force pilots with improbable air cuts. There are just a bunch of machines. Giant mechs the size of small buildings. These aren’t even unique mechs.

Unlike Gypsy Danger of Pacific Rim or the Tallgeese of Gundam Wing, the machines you pilot in MWO aren’t one-of-a-kind custom machines or obscure prototypes. They’re cannon fodder, stamped out en masse in factories across the galaxy to trample through the mud of some distant planet and, inevitably, be reduced to scrap. Giant metal contraptions with parts lists and model numbers. Choosing a mech is more like browsing through a used car lot than anything else.

Take a closer look though, and you’ll see it. The mechs in MWO might not have individual backstories, but they do have character. Maybe more than any other game I’ve played, a player’s individual choice of battlemech expresses how they see the game. Or maybe more accurately, how they want the game to be. For me, the perfect vision of MechWarrior will always be represented by the pugnacious, stubby, and completely over-gunned Hunchback. 

You've got character: The Hunchback screenshot


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