Tuesday, June 6, 2017

News:: Review in Progress: DiRT 4

I was a bit of a strange teenager. While most of my peers were busy playing the latest in flashy games, I tended to look for obscure titles and different genres. I remember having a grand old time on the original Xbox playing things like Gunvalkyrie and Jet Set Radio Future, but my friends never seemed to understand. Then came along Rallisport Challenge and I found my answer for a racing game.

I always loved how intense off-road racing felt and was taken with the breathtaking graphics. It looked like live action and DICE (yes, the Battlefield developer) managed to create one of the most realistic racing games ever, for the time. I just loved plowing through water, dirt, and grass while careening on the edge of cliffs. It was thrilling in a life-or-death kind of way.

Much to my dismay, Microsoft didn’t continue the franchise on the Xbox 360. I figured we would never get another rally game on then-next-gen hardware, but Codemasters seemingly stepped in to fix that issue. While not the first rally game developed by the company, Colin McRae: DiRT brought the excitement of off-roading to the next-generation and it was a blast.

I, stupidly, didn’t get into the series until DiRT 3, but I’ve been hooked ever since. After an absence of six years, Codemasters has returned to the main DiRT series with DiRT 4 and has made some great changes to keep the game feeling fresh and wild.

Review in Progress: DiRT 4 screenshot


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